"We kept meaning to make a will for many, many years. We have a young family and somehow we still kept putting things off. I came across an Xpress leaflet which made us pull our fingers out. Thanks to Xpress."
Mr & Mrs C., Croydon

"We liked the fact that Xpress don't charge for storing our wills in their safe and contact us every three years to see if anything has changed."
Mr & Mrs O., Bromley

"We've paid tax at 40% our whole lives and we were quite determined not to pay another 40% in Inheritance Tax on top of this when we die. Xpress saved our children over £280,000 and made sure this went to them and not the taxman. Thanks!"
Mr & Mrs S., Kingston

"It's never too early to make a will but it is often too late! Too true!"
Mr & Mrs T., Chelmsford

"We used Xpress to handle the probate when my Mum died. We couldn't cope with the financial pressure of sorting out her finances on top of the whole emotional pressure. Xpress handled things magnificently. We really appreciated the home visits."
Mr & Mrs E., Guildford

"The way I see it, we could either give £85,000 to our children or to the taxman. By doing nothing, in effect I was choosing giving Inheritance Tax to the taxman! Xpress made sure we would be giving it to our children."
Mr & Mrs L., Ealing


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