Case Study - If offered a "FREE" will by a bank or solicitor

Beware! Your family could end up paying 10 times more than they need to for your Probate

Paul Jones died leaving an estate of £1 million. He had appointed a high street bank to act as his executor. His wife asked us if she really had to let the bank act. We arranged for the bank to renounce their executor-ship

This saved Susan £38,000 as the bank were going to charge their standard fee for acting which is 4% i.e. £40,000!

We charged a fee of £2,000 based on time spent dealing with the probate at our normal rate.

Case Study - Handling the Probate yourself.

It can prove false economy to do the Probate yourself.

Paul Jones came to see us about his Inheritance Tax planning, as both his parents had just died. He had dealt with their probate himself, and he had paid £19,500 IHT to the taxman. He didn't want his children to have to do the same when he died.

We advised him to effect a deed of variation of his mother's will(she had died first) to leave her share of his parent's house to a discretionary trust instead of to her husband.

This provided a 15% discount on the value of his father's share of the property (certain rules that the taxman applies allowed for this). We submitted a corrective affidavit to the taxman and Paul received a cheque from the taxman of £19,500 so no tax was payable.

We also helped Paul avoid IHT on his own estate!


Avoid financial and legal stress at a time of great emotional heartache.

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