Case Study - Need a Will?

A few minutes could ensure your family don't lose out!

Paul Jones died aged 40 owning a house and business worth a total of £1 million. His wife, to whom he had been married for 15 years survived him but sadly they had no children. Also both his parents had died and he was an only child. Even more sadly, Paul had not made a will.

This means he died "intestate". Government rules then dictate what happens to his estate.

The rule meant that his wife was only entitled to the first £500,000 of his estate. Unfortunately the other £500,000 went to his 2nd cousin (who he hadn't seen for 25 years since they were children).

If Paul had asked us to make a will for him this would have been avoided. Unfortunately he didn't get a round to it!

Some general advice about Wills


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